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About French bulldog

About French bulldog

French Bulldogs originated from England and they are descendants of English bulldogs. They have a background from English Bulldogs and were taken to France by the lace workers. These strange looking creatures with a big face, bat ears, and clownish expressions looked great and hence, people started keeping them as pets. These dogs weigh around 20-28 pounds and they have bright eyes with a mid-sized structure.

French bulldogs have bat ears and these dogs have constant smiles on their face. The legs are short and stout, short tails and they come in a variety of colors. These dogs don’t require much grooming and are maintenance free dogs. French bulldogs are friendly and great companion dogs. They have affectionate nature and love to receive attention from their masters. French bulldogs are tough to breed and hence, there are not many of them around. They can’t tolerate high temperature and extreme exercising. You will find these animals easy to train and they will use their intelligence in daily activities. French bulldogs are sensitive to heat and can’t be left alone in the car or any hot room.

About French bulldog

French bulldogs of show quality and pet standards are different. Show dogs are pure in the breed and the color coat standards match the show requirements. However, pets might be a little different, but that difference is mainly seen by experts. You should always choose the appropriate breeder to purchase high-quality French bulldog. These lovely creatures are very interesting and getting them home will make your life happier. You can check out the details about French bulldogs and understand their needs to make the decision to get them home. Your decision will be highly useful as it is the matter of your choice and requirement. Frenchie can be your watchdog, but you can’t rely on them for it. They are fun loving indoor animals and should be brought in lively houses.


Karen Garlick who breeds some of the best quality French Bulldogs also breeds teacup pigs. They are a miniature version of a pot belly pig.

Author:Deborah Morgan