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French bulldog breeder: Know about good and bad ones

French bulldog breeder

French bulldog got their name from English bulldog as they are descendents of the English version. Bulldog has always represented English culture, but dog breeders took initiative to reproduce this breed. French people loved the smaller version of bulldogs and they are exported from England to France in 19th century. French bulldog breeders became to breed these animals further and the results were amazing. People started loving these highly lovable and cute faced creatures. There are some things common with their ancestors, but they are distinctive in many senses.

People love the different varieties of American, English or French Bulldogs. They are high maintenance dogs and require a lot of love and care during initial phases of life. There are health, behavior and social variations of French bulldogs from their ancestors. There are three versions helping the potential buyers to meet the requirements of bulldog puppies.

French bulldog breeder

Bulldog buyers should get full information about these dogs in detail prior to the purchase. The varieties have similar training, social and grooming requirements. They have wrinkles and specifically, French bulldogs have small nose; which makes them breathe with difficulty. These dogs develop respiratory and breathing issues and hence, can’t withstand high temperatures. Bulldogs might also suffer the heatstroke, if they are left in car or hot room. So, the owners have to be careful about this issue and keep these dogs in appropriate conditions.

Ears and wrinkles should be wiped and cleaned daily for getting rid of bacteria. French bulldogs can’t be taken for heavy exercising as they can get respiratory troubles. Bulldogs are prone to obesity and you can take them for daily walk for fitness. They require a lot of love and care to remain happy and healthy.

French bulldogs are social elements and they will follow owners. It is essential to show affection and interact with them with love. Bulldogs are aggressive in general and their behavior issues should be dealt in the right way from their initial stages. These dogs react well with motivation and positive reinforcement. The negative or cruel behavior will make them aggressive. Buyers can choose French bulldogs only if they are ready to train them during the initial phases.

You need to buy a healthy puppy from a reputed breeder. It is essential for buyers to check the reputation of breeder before purchasing the French bullies.

The bad dog breeder will give these signals:

  • Breeders offering ‘next day pets’
  • Breeders selling pups to stores
  • No medical background of dogs
  • Breeders having no kennels
  • Pups are nervous, under confident or aggressive
  • Breeders not ready to show pups before purchase
  • Too many pups available at a time
  • No references or certifications with breeders
  • No guarantee of health of pups
  • Breeders not asking you any queries
  • Breeders not answering the basic questions about French bulldogs
  • Breeders not having discipline or training issues

You need to be a smart purchaser and get the right dog for your house. The pure breed dogs will have all the appropriate qualities of the Frenchie.

Author:Deborah Morgan