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French bulldog health and temprament

French bulldog health and temprament

English bulldogs are the ancestors of the French bulldogs, which were bred by the lace workers as a companion dog. French bulldogs are lighter in weight than the English versions and have similar characters of the English dogs.

The dogs have smooth and short coating and have muscular and compact body structure. They have different color coats: pure and combinational and not all combinations are acceptable in shows. The kennel organizations and shows give the detailed description for the show dogs to avoid any hassles later on.

Health and Temperament of French Bulldogs

The health of French bulldog remains well if proper care is done to keep them active. They can get hemophilia, thyroid or respiratory troubles, but those are genetic or according to their body structure. Their flat face also develops Brachycephalic syndrome for some dogs. These dogs can reproduce mainly by c-section delivery as they can’t withstand exercising or labor pains. Stress and warm weather may ruin the health of these dogs and hence, the owners have to make sure that these dogs are kept indoors and are not exposed much to heat.

French bulldog health and temprament

The temperament of French bulldogs is very loving for human beings. They are great companions and attached to their owners. They also do well with kids and other pets in the house. French bulldog needs to be monitored when they play with children as they might get excited while playing and proper care is required to keep them in the right track.

Frenchies can get overweight very easily. They need just one walk a day as too much exertion might be problematic for them. Flat face is a big problem for these dogs and they can get easily tired due to their body structure. French bulldogs can’t swim and you have to keep this very important fact in mind.

Author:Deborah Morgan