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French bulldog Profile

French bulldog Profile

French bulldog is also called Frenchie. It is a small, muscular and compact dog. It has weight between 20-28 pounds. It has heavy bones and large bat ears. It has pleasant and open structure than the English bulldog. The lower jaw is undershot and the structure of face is broad with small nose. The lower jaw is undershot and tail is abbreviated naturally. The coat is tan, brindle, white and fawn.


French bulldog is the shorter version of the English bulldog. It was kept by the lace makers in England and taken to France. The dogs gained popularity in France and hence, they were termed as French bulldogs. These dogs have rose-shaped ears having inverted bat shape. They are in trend due to their cool temperament and amazing bonding with masters. These dogs spread joy in the house and have tolerant and loving nature with kids. French bulldog can protect the ones they love and its clown structure appeals everyone. Frenchie can entertain you and your family and are attached specially to one member in the family.

French bulldog Profile

Health issues

French bulldogs have several health conditions and Willebrand’s Disease is a common ailment in these animals. Frenchie should be tested before any surgical operation or c-section for this disease. French bulldogs have flat face and small nose, which might create breathing issues and snoring troubles. These dogs are kept in appropriate temperature to avoid any respiratory attacks.


French bulldogs require weekly grooming and the coating keeps in good condition with regular cleaning. Facial wrinkles have to be wiped regularly for preventing infection. The nails have to be kept short for hygiene.

Living conditions

French bulldogs are indoor creatures and can’t withstand extreme heat or cold conditions. They need to be around the people close to them and remain happy with all the love and care.

Author:Deborah Morgan