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French bulldog temperament

French bulldog temperament

French bulldogs are usually short in size, with solid and muscular bone structure. Their body is smoothly coated. French bulldogs have snubbed nose, their tails are short either straight or curled. They are lightweight in comparison with English bulldogs. Having full knowledge about French bulldog puppies for sale, will help you in long way. It helps in maintaining a worthy and admirable pet with long loving relationship

Although they carry sad expression, But French bulldogs are comical and entertaining.. They are commonly calm and very friendly in nature. But still they need frequent care and attention that makes them loving indoor pets. They require very small amount of physical exercise, so they are worthy pets for apartment owners. Furthermore French dog puppies are god therapy dogs, especially for the elders.

French bulldog temperament

They feel comfortable in an apartment as they are on a farm, they prove livelier as you expect from their chunky look. These pets are very playful, and ball chasing is one of their favorite activities. Adult French dogs are more polished and can become competitive couch potatoes, but they also love to go for walks in cool weather.

Many Pups are friendly with everyone, while some of them are quite reserved. Frenchies will bark to pass the word visitors, but otherwise they are quite animals. Commonly they remain peaceful with other pets. They are quite stubborn in nature, so it will be difficult to train them. Still they are surprisingly sensitive. They will remember what they learn, respond well to proper and persistent training. Give them food as motivation for training. They are short faced breeds so snorting and snuffing and are common problems. If you have swimming pool, be more cautious, most of French bulldog pups cannot swim because of squat build and heavy face.

Author:Deborah Morgan