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French bulldogs in Warm Climates

French bulldogs in Warm Climates

French bulldog has attained popularity among dog lovers and they are lovely creatures having positive characteristics. The dog is basically meant for indoors and has the genetic traits requiring special care in different climatic conditions.

Physical Characteristics

French bulldogs are popular due to their clownish appearance. They come with a warning as these creatures have short nose and flat shape of the face. Dogs with this type might have breathing issues and the common respiratory trouble is termed as Brachycephalic Syndrome.

French bulldogs in Warm Climates

French bulldogs have a few sweat glands and most of them are located on the feet area. French bulldogs require efforts in regulating the body temperature with short nose. The short nose prevents the breed from having adequate intake of air. Warm climates are difficult to manage by the dogs and results even in the death of the dog. for more details, visit :/french-bulldog-profile/

It is important for owners to be aware of the climatic requirements. French bulldogs should never be left outside for long periods of time. They are inside dogs and become ideal living companions. French bulldogs should be monitored in warm temperature.

Preventing Heat-Related Stress

French bulldog guidelines should be followed for taking care of the French bulldogs from becoming victims of overheating. Overheating might prove out to be fatal for some dogs. The dog should have appropriate shade and fresh water every time. It should be kept inside most of the time as outside temperature might rise and become risky for these dogs. The outside activity should be made null during high temperature periods. In the summer months, the dog should be allowed to go out only for a while. When the dog is outside, it is important to monitor them. French bulldog should be given rest if they are having labored breathing issues. Don’t leave the dog unattended in the car with the closed windows.

If the dog shows signals of overheating, you can rinse them with cool water and put wet towels on them. Heat exhaustion is dangerous for French bulldogs and requires your observation to get rid of further troubles.

Author:Deborah Morgan